America’s best kept secret: How corrupt our political system is.

Since exiting politics a lifetime ago, I am finally seeing Americans waking up to the notion that their political system is rife with corruption.  I have been sounding that alarm, in my own small way, for well over 2 decades.  Others during that time frame have tried to alert their fellow countryman to the corruption but it fell on deaf ears.  What I have learned from this experience is that we have a pocketbook morality.  So long as our pocketbooks are fat and sassy, there is no need to be concerned how or why it happens; just so long as it continues.  But when the wheels come off, and the pocketbook feels pinched, only then do we feel compelled to look behind the curtain.  In my continued effort to expose the political process as the best political system money can buy, I have created a set of videos that show how the process is corrupted.  These are real portrayals of the deal making that take place in our nations capitol and state houses throughout America.

We have all heard from our elected officials how their vote “can not be bought”.  Not only is that a lie but it would shock most people as to how cheap it is to buy a vote from an elected official.  We have only two options: 1) we as taxpayers try to out bid these corporate special interest, or 2) get the money out of politics.  Our country is the only developed country on the planet that allows investments into the political system.  To put it more succinctly, we allow legalized bribery.  Our legislative process has become a pay to play system.  Those that pay into the system have control of it.  You control the process you can control the outcome.  Want to move jobs overseas – for a price you can do it.  Want the citizens of this country to pay for relocating, for a little more cash – why not!

This is a self funded effort.  We hope to generate enough revenue from YouTube to pay for a website and the beginnings of an organization to put an end to it.  The first link will take you to the press release:

YouTube website for videos:

If you see value, please pass this along.  Watch the ads, it is how we get paid.



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Constitution under siege

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Constitution under siege

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Constitution under siege

Voter suppression

Is this what we send our loved ones to fight and die for?  To deny American citizens the most important and vital portion of our constitution?  You can deny me the right of free speech, freedom of religion, right to organize any of the other rights that are spelled out in our constitution but as long as I have the right to vote, I have the ability to take them back.  I can vote to change the government.  I can put new people in who will give me those rights back.  But to deny a citizen the right to vote cuts at the core of our constitution.  It, above all others is the central tenant of a “free and just” society; the right to self govern.  Many of you believe that the current president and his party are threatening our way of life and our constitution.  That’s your right and you have the freedom to voice those concerns and organize to change the man and the party but if you take away your right to vote, you’re left with very little choices to make that change.  If you take away a citizen’s right to lawfully participate, you’ve opened the door to some really bad choices – the worst, armed insurrection.  You’ve placed them in a position to have to fight for their freedoms.  We have witnessed many states place restrictions on our ability vote.  They have taken laws that were on the books that opened the system up to all citizens to vote in a timely manner.  Virtually every state has early voting.  This allows citizens a greater opportunity to participate in this democracy.  And we should.  As a democracy, we should not only encourage every legal citizen to participate and vote but should make the system available to everyone who wants to vote.  That’s what these extended voting days were meant to do.  Open the system up so everyone who wants to vote has the time to do so.  But we’ve had too many states in the past two to three years pass legislation to all but end early voting opportunities.  What’s worse, many of these same states have passed legislation requiring voters to show a picture ID before they are allowed to vote.  On face value, it does not seem to be an unreasonable request.  The reason for this change was to stop voter fraud – at least that was the pitch they were selling.  Ok, voter fraud is not a good thing and we should guard against it.  In Texas, we have had a long history of this.  But on closer inspection, what was really happening was one political party was attempting to use its authority to keep certain groups from voting.  The groups that were targeted were the young, the old, the poor and minorities.  The party in power that was seeking to deny these citizens their right to vote knew that these groups voted for the other party in large numbers in every election.  Deny them the vote and they could control the elections to favor their party.  One important point, if a party cannot when a majority of the votes with their message, then there’s something wrong with the message.  That being the case, do you think it’s an American thing to do – rigging elections to win?  Of course not.  Making matters worse for the party that made these changes to deny Americans their right to vote or at least make it considerably more difficult to do so, was the reason for these changes were completely bogus.  There was no voter fraud in any of the states, in sufficient numbers, to warrant this taking of rights.  In Pennsylvania, that states Attorney General, when asked by a judge to show how many cases the state had prosecuted for voter fraud in the past 2yrs.? None.  Past 5yrs.?  None.  Past 10 yrs.?  None.   In a study for the remaining states in the deep south, only a handful (I think it was less than 10) in three states over a 12 year period could be found.  In Texas, over a 10 year period there were 12 or 13 cases involving voter fraud.  But there were only two cases of fraud in that same 10 year period that these new laws were meant to address.  That’s “two” cases in an estimated 59 million votes over a 10 year period.  So why did this party pass these laws?  To deny a specific segment of America the most basic and most fundamental right the constitution allows us- the right to participate in our government.  The right to vote.

This is messing with the constitution.  This is what every citizen should fear and stand up to fight against.  What this party has done to these Americans can be done to any group of Americans and left unchallenged; I guarantee that you will see it happen again and possibly against you.

Political parties are marketing machines.  They sell.  What they sell is a message that is meant to deliver sufficient amount of votes to win an election so they can manage the state or country in the manner they see fit.   So long as there are enough “buyers” of their product (voters), the message(s) for the most part stay the same.  It’s only when they see their product not selling in sufficient numbers do they change their message.  Both parties have a “brand” that voters know.  The Democratic and Republican brands stand for a set of beliefs and principles and they represent various groups.  Voters generally know what each parties brand stands for much like most shoppers know what Cheer and Tide brands are about and choose accordingly.  Like these makers of soap, political parties are sensitive to their buyers buying trends.  The best way to get the attention of a political party is to let them know their brand is no longer desirable.  You stay home or vote for the other party.  The party that has undertaken an organized effort to affect elections in such an underhanded manner as to keep targeted segments of American voters from participating in an election – has to be considered a damaged brand.    Their message was not sufficient enough to win elections so, in an act of desperation, they decided to deny citizens the right to vote in order to win.  Scummy, to say the least.

If you have been a buyer of this brand of politics and you generally believe in what the brand stands for but see that this action goes beyond what you can support.  Stand-up and fight for that brand.  Show them that you are not going to allow a few leaders in this party to continue harming the party and thus the message of the party.  To date, very few within this party have said anything in defiance of their actions.  If they do not see push back from their supporters, their actions will continue and my well push beyond what they have already done, causing further and perhaps irreparable harm to the brand.

The irony here is that the party that is responsible for this “taking of constitutional rights” is the party that has as its core message for this election cycle– “our constitution is under attack”.    They are using “fear” to sell you to vote for their brand and taking the frightening step of denying the most important right given to us through the constitution and depriving citizens the right to vote.  A clearer and more succinct message would be; “Our constitution is being attacked vote for us and to make sure our side wins, we’ll gut the constitution to save the ship”?!  The political party that has this as its message is the Republican Party.  I’ll not ask you dyed in the wool Republicans to vote for a Democrat.  I would, however, suggest to save the party and to protect the constitution from legitimate and real attacks, that you not cast a vote for any Republican on the ballot.  Write someone in.  Or vote for the down ballot races (state and county/parish) but not top of ticket races.  And when the election is over, contact your state Republican Party officials and give them a message that, in Texas we know well: Don’t mess with the Constitution!  This is a message that may very well save your party and repair the brand.

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Romney or Obama?

My fellow Americans, I write today to express my views on our choice for the highest office in the land.  Let me say from the outset that I am as much an independent as anyone can be.  An independent, is someone who cannot find a home in either of our current political parties – for a myriad of reasons.  The choice that we have between Romney and Obama could not be starker.  My choice, at this moment would be, none of the above.  Unfortunately, that option is not available and I’ve made that choice for too many elections.  I’m writing this post in the hopes that it will give some insight into who should be the next president and why.  I’ll start by saying that neither candidate, in my opinion, has the necessary experience to hold this position.  There is one candidate that has a more “rounded” level of experience but, like the other candidate does not have the “total” background I’d like to see.  In my opinion, Governor Romney is the harder candidate to get a good feeling about.  I try to imagine how I am going to feel after punching that card for either of these men and Romney is the one that I really feel uncomfortable voting for.  This man is a chameleon.  He is or becomes whatever he’s in front of.  Running for governor of Massachusetts he sells voters of that state that he is left of Reagan and Bush (Jr.), is committed pro-choice candidate, gives that state, essentially universal healthcare, passes legislation banning certain guns and ammunition and proclaims that he is not in line with the NRA, promotes diversity in the work place, pro-education and science, goes so far as stating that humans do in fact have something to do with global warming and supports science that the earth is warming…..sounds moderate to left to me.  Now, the other side of Romney.  Having left the statehouse to run for the presidency, Mr. Romney is now; pro-life, pro-gun, pro-NRA, disavows himself from global warming science and work place diversity and begins to attack his own healthcare initiative and the biggie – has always been a severe conservative.  Now, most of us will have changes in our views over our lifetime.  Some major changes but most minor shifts, measured in small degrees of change.  Romney’s views have not been of that type.  These changes came within days or weeks of him running for the presidency.  These were political changes, changes of expediency.  Will the real Mitt Romney please stand up?  On the economy, which will ultimately decide the next president, Romney has a less stellar record than does Obama.  When Romney took office as Governor, his state ranked 49th in job creation.  When he left, four years later, the state was still 49th.   For a man that says he has a record of creating jobs, he fails here.  If he was talking about job creation in the private sector, that has no bearing on the public sector and should not have any consideration.  I’ve been in politics for years and worked on several campaigns.  The message that “I’m a businessman and have a successful business background and I’ll bring that to government” sounds great but it does not work.  Government is government and business is business.  They are two separate animals.  If that notion worked, we would have had major changes in the way government operated decades ago.  So, Romney has no successful job creation in government and his social views change faster than a three dollar hooker.  What about his foreign policy credentials?   It’s difficult for most candidates to have any foreign policy experience other than those that served in congress on certain committees or worked for the state department.  That he has no experience should not necessarily discount his candidacy but again it’s Romney’s penchant for changing his stance again and again that should concern those considering to vote for this man.  The US is the world’s leader.  We are the economic engine of the world.  Nations look to us to provide leadership and to set examples for acceptable behavior; internally and externally.  The man that holds the oval office is the man that sets the agenda for much of what happens in the world.  To this degree, words and statements matter greatly.  Our friends and our foes are watching and listening to everything that our leader(s) say.  Wars can be started over the smallest miscalculation or misunderstanding of what is said from our president.  We get back to Romney’s seemingly strong desire to be all things to all people.  Like the chameleon, he is prone to make statements to please those that he’s in front of.  While in Michigan, “I love it here, the trees are the right height”…who says things like that?!  Only someone who wants so desperately to be accepted from the group he’s trying to win support.  In foreign policy that is not only dangerous but it can be deadly.  This is a man that went to our strongest ally in one of their shinier moments, the Olympics, and ended up insulting them – questioning if they were ready and prepared.  This was a simple and oh so easy appearance in front of a friendly crowd.  Romney only had to say “yes” and “no” and “good luck with the games” and it would have been hailed a successful overseas, foreign affairs engagement.  But no.  Romney had to show the Brits and the world that he once commanded a successful Olympics and that he was not ready to put his stamp of approval on their preparedness-just yet.  Not so bright.  This position will require you to be able and capable of making statements that will not endear you to the audience at hand.  Romney seems completely incapable of doing this.  Can you see the governor giving an address in the Middle East? “Your pyramids are just the right height and your camel eyes are the perfect hue”.  The problem with Romney is that he cannot go off script and be ok.  If he stays on script, I think he comes across the television a fairly good candidate.  But in the real world, the office he seeks rarely stays scripted and that’s the problem.  Romney screws it up when off script.    In this position, dealing with foreign and often hostile audiences, the US and the world cannot afford another “not-so-ready-for-prime time-player”.    This is not a position where things turn out “OK” with on the job training.  Like, we have a tendency of wrongfully invading other countries.

Let’s sum it up.  Seems to be incapable of working without a script, is way too eager to please the ones he with, has no track record of successful job creation in public sector and has a well documented history of lying to the public (was asked whether his residency was Massachusetts or Utah – he said Utah to avoid paying more in taxes, when caught, he blamed it on a staffer).

The key point against Romney being our next president is his flipping and flopping.  This guy makes Gumby blush with envy.  If he were running for acrobat-in-chief then yes definitely gets my vote.  But no one and I mean no one really knows who or what this guy stands for.  He’s refused to open up a few years of his tax returns, like every other candidate has.  This is the only way the public gets to see the “other” side of our political choices.  How they make their money and do they pay their fair share.  It shows a glimpse of their character.   When you add all these things together, Romney is a guy that does not want the public to see beyond the public persona, wants to be in agreement with everyone and I’m not sure if even Romney knows who he is.   Not a lot of good choices, again.  But this guy should have never made it out of the primaries.  Thanks Republicans.  You’ve given us the potential for President Gumbney.

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